New Miss Universe Sweden 2017 crowned


Frida Fornander was crowned Miss Universe Sweden 2017 on Sunday, June 18.  She will represent Sweden at the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant later this year.

Fornander was Miss Teen Sweden in 2011 and was born and raised in California.  But she traces all her roots to the town of Tranas, where most of her family still lives. 

After becoming Miss Teen Sweden, she set her eyes on the Miss Universe Sweden title which, finally came true 7 years later.  “When I became Miss Teen Sweden I promised myself that one day I will compete in the Miss Universe, it was a life goal”, says Fornander.

The date or venue of this year’s Miss Universe Pageant has not been set but Fornander is eager to start her preparations.  “I’ll do what I usually do, prepare me a lot mentally and even train so I have a strong body”.

She plans to spend some time in the Philippines or the United States before the contest, where she will train with coaches and focus a lot on charity.  A charity the fights for women’s rights is something that is close to Fornander’s heart and plans to continue to work with this organization in the future.  “I think it’s really important, I have a good platform and a voice in the community and I want to use it”.


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