Señorita Panamá 2018 scheduled for June 2


Panama’s most prestigious pageant, Señorita Panamá 2018, will hold its official candidate presentation tonight to showcase this year’s 20 aspirants for the crown. The gala will take place at the Balboa Theater.

“We Unite”, is the slogan that defines the contest this year 2018, which for the first time, in 50 years, has a candidate representing the indigenous women of Panama, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, Señorita Comarcas.

As the director of the Señorita Panama Organization, César Anel Rodríguez, has said, all the aspirants for the crown will have the same rights and opportunities; the emphasis that has been given to Montezuma is because her participation will remain in the history of the contest, since it is the first time that the doors are opened to a young indigenous woman.

It should be noted that Andrea Valeria Batista Escudero, queen of Calle Arriba de Las Tablas 2015, represents the province of Los Santos in this 51st edition of Miss Panama.

The Panamanian singers Carlos Vallarino and Luis Mario, are some of the artists invited to the National Beauty Gala this evening.   New musical talents will be released thanks to this platform that drives national talent.

The other participants are: Selena Gómez, Veraguas; Khadine Barría, Bocas del Toro; Ahyemeis Henriquez, Panamá Norte; Kiara Sang, Chiriquí; Naomi Mena, Colón; Nohelys González, East Panama; Astrid Juarez, Chiriquí Occidente; Karla Rivas, West Panama; Shirel Ortiz, Panama Center; Diana Lemos, San José Island; Ana Gabriela García, Flamenco Island; Katherina Ríos, Isla del Rey; Gloribeth Savedra, Barro Colorado Island; Solaris Barba, Herrera; Hillary Hernández, Darién; Yasmeira Bennet, Accountant; Nicole Castillero, Coclé; and Zunilda Del Valle, Taboga.

The final of Miss Panama 2018 will be next Saturday, June 2.

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