Pageant Experts final Miss USA 2018 prediction

The new Miss USA will be crowned tonight and our pageant experts have been busy with their predictions.  It’s a great group of contestants this year and as hard as it was, we will now reveal our final prediction.

Based on the performances we saw during the preliminary competition, we believe that it will be a three-peat for District of Columbia!

MISS USA 2018 – DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA | Bryce Armstrong


1st RUNNER UP – NEVADA | Carolina Correa


2nd RUNNER UP – SOUTH CAROLINA | Tori Sizemore


3rd RUNNER UP – GEORGIA | Marianny Egurrola


4th RUNNER UP – Tennessee | Alexandra Harper


The rest of the top 15 includes:

  1. MARYLAND | Brittinay Nicolette
  2. FLORIDA |Genesis Davila
  3. SOUTH DAKOTA | Madison Nipe
  4. MISSISSIPPI | Laine Mansour
  5. MASSACHUSETTS | Alissa Latham
  6. NEW JERSEY | Alexa Noone
  7. KENTUCKY | Braea Tifford
  8. NORTH CAROLINA | Caelynn Miller-Keyes
  9. ARKANSAS | Lauren Weaver
  10. WASHINGTON | Abigail Hill


Good luck to all the ladies!!!

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